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      Jiangxi BLACKCAT Carbon Black inc,Ltd listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code. 002068),
is the nation's leading state-owned carbon black company. BLACKCAT's output in 2011 will be reaching to 700,000 tons with sales revenue hitting 4 billion Chinese currency yuan (equalling to 615 millions US dollars). Presently BLACKCAT invested and operates 6 carbon manufacturing facilities located in 6 different cities, which are Jingdezhen city of Jiangxi province, Hancheng city of Shanxi province, Chaoyang city of Liaoning province, Wuhai city of Inner Mongolia, Handan city of Hebei province, Taiyuan city of Shanxi province. In 2011,a new manufacturing facility is being constructed in Tangshan city of Hebei province. In terms of output and sales, BLACKCAT top the list of all carbon black factory in Chinese mainland for several consecutive years up to 2011. BLACKCAT, as the largest carbon black manufacturer in Chinese mainland, is a first listed carbon black company in Chinese mainland, its only business are carbon black. BLACKCAT and its share is holded by state-owned company,and the BLACKCAT's operation is fully dealt through market measures. BLACKCAT has a clear global strategic objective to 'establish BLACKCAT's credit in world market,build up BLACKCAT a first-class carbon black manufacturer' and BLACKCAT will certainly become a global performance company in the course of attaining that goal!…… More ..

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