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The Introduction of the Blackcat Corporation Limited by Shares
The first rays of the morning sun arising slowly opened a flourishing age. In 2001, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Inc., Ltd., under glorious mission and great expectations, emerged as the times require in Jingdezhen, a porcelain city of China.
Remarkable development, Scale contributes to Black Cat Inc.
In June 1994, the Carbon Black Branch of Jingdezhen Coking Gas Main Workshop, as Black Cat Inc. was previously named, was founded with an annual production of 8000 tons;
In July 2001, Jingdezhen Coking Industry Group Co.,Ltd conducted the industrial integration, incorporating Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Inc.,Ltd. It can produce Carbon Black 40,000 tons annually, laying the foundation for the corporation development;
In December 2002, Black Cat Inc. founded the Hancheng Black Cat with an annual production of 120,000 tons;
In May 2005, Black Cat Inc. founded Chaoyang Black Cat with an annual production of 60,000 tons;
In September 2006, Black Cat Inc. marched in the capital market, listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
In April 2008, Black Cat Inc. founded Wuhai Black Cat in Inner Mongolia, which has an annual production of 160,000 tons;
Black Cat Carbon Black Inc. has devoted to constant innovation. In the past 18 years, the annual production of carbon black has increased from 8000 tons to 900,000 tons, as a result, Black Cat Inc. has become the largest domestic enterprise of carbon black production.
Technology promotes progress, Quality models brand
As a modern enterprise with a high sense of mission to promote carbon black industry, Black Cat Inc. always put quality as the first vitality. With strict and supporting products production management and quality guarantee system, Black Cat Inc. has passed the ISO9001 QMSC, ISO14001 EMS Certification, and GB/T18001 OHSMS Certification. Its testing center has passed the National Laboratory Accreditation. The whole process of one-stop testing procedure entitles the carbon black product of Black Cat Inc. to become the guarantee of industry confidence.
Professional creates glory, Strength wins customers
With persistent improvement, Black Cat Inc. has been providing multi-functional and customizable carbon black product in energy conservation and environmental protection. In the past 18 years, Black Cat Inc. has developed and manufactured dozens of carbon black and white carbon black products, which are widely applied in various kinds of rubber products.
Idea leads future, BC Inc. propels the world
We determine to make world-famous brands and build a first-class carbon black enterprise. This is not an empty slogan, but it is the core of Black Cat Inc., the foundation of the revitalization of carbon black industry, and also the perseverant spirit of the future development for Black Cat Inc..
Through long-term striving and struggling, Black Cat Inc. is now developing with a bright future.
Black Cat Carbon Black Inc. propels the world!

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